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Welcome to the Eisenhower Partnership!

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Duke Street Outfalls Topic of Meeting on September 20 

RiverRenew is hosting four public events in September to discuss the concept recommended by the 2018 Long Term Control Plan Update.  RiverRenew will prevent millions of gallons of sewage mixed with rainwater from being discharged into Alexandria's waterways.  RiverRenew features a new tunnel system coupled with upgrades to capture and treat discharges from Alexandria's four existing sewer outfalls during rain events.

Two outfalls are located near Duke Street in the vicinity of Hooff's Run.  There may be construction period impacts on Duke Street traffic.  To hear more about the Long Term Control Plan Update, alternatives for Outfalls 3 and 4, and ask questions of AlexRenew staff and consultants, come to the September 20 Listening Session held at the Residence Inn Old Town from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.  This is an open house style process; show up anytime during that timeframe and plan to spend about 30-40 minutes hearing about the issues and proposed alternatives for remediating the combined overflows from these two outfalls.  The team is available all day to maximize the number of businesses and residents who can attend by being able to drop by as their time allows.

Disruption at King Street Metro.  Paradigm Development Hosts EP Member/Guest Event at ParcMeridian.  Interesting businesses arriving on Eisenhhower Avenue.


July-August 2018

EP President Frank Cole Set to Retire

Frank Cole, Director of Administration at SHRM, is retiring from his job, moving to Cleveland, and consequently retiring from participation in the Eisenhower Partnership.  Frank has been a strong supporter of the Partnership, and in his years as President, has strengthened the organization in administration, membership, and influence.  At his last Board of Directors meeting on July 19, Frank was presented with a plaque in appreciation of all his hard work while on the Board.  He will be missed.  We wish Frank well in his new life, and hope he will be able to achieve other long-deferred goals, like traveling the world!


Disruption about to Hit Users of King Street Metro Station

Major construction is scheduled to begin in September on the entire surface of the King Street Station in order to reconfigure traffic flow, add bus bays, and separate pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic.  Construction will last until mid-2020; during construction, train service will not be affected (other than the special platform maintenance period in the summer 2019, which is not part of this project).  Roadways surrounding the station, including Diagonal Road, King Street, and Cameron Street will be affected as new crosswalks are built and staging areas are built.  In addition, temporary bus bays and taxi stations will be located on City streets rather than the Metro lot.  While the Carlyle pedestrian tunnel will remain open, a new crosswalk will require pedestrians to cross Diagonal Road and approach the station from a new direction.  The drawing below shows the changes in circulation anticipated to start in the fall.  For further information, go to


Paradigm Development Hosts EP Member/Guest Event at ParcMeridian

We thank Micheline Castan-Smith and the management team at the ParcMeridian for hosting a superb member/guest reception on the 20th floor of the beautiful rental building at the Eisenhower Metro.  Hors d’oeuvres, wine and beer were offered to attendees, many of whom were membership prospects who had been invited by Eisenhower Partnership Board members.  The clubroom was spacious and loaded with amenities, and the adjacent rooftop terrace offered impressive views toward the south, east, and west.  Great way to check out traffic on the Beltway!

The spread….

Attendees have a great time chatting with guests

Oh my, it’s the Beltway, backing up on the outer loop to cross the Wilson Bridge


Is Victory Center Gearing Up for a Change?

The Washington Business Journal reports ( that the Victory Center building at 5001 Eisenhower Avenue is finally on the market, after missing out on several large Federal procurements and lying vacant for a decade.  If the property could be sold and its 16 acres developed, this would be the needed catalyst for the redevelopment of Eisenhower West.  The building has 625,000 square feet, 100% vacant, and was purchased by the current owner in 2004 for $48.0 million.  The owner subsequently renovated it at great cost to meet Federal security standards, to no avail in terms of curing the vacancy.


The Eisenhower Avenue Corridor is Getting Interesting Businesses

Scramble, recently opened at 5412 Eisenhower Avenue, is already popular with family who have young children.  They describe themselves as the first European-style play center in the DC Metro area, featuring indoor play options and birthday parties.

Another family-centric business is about to open at the east end of the corridor: Pump It Up, at 2000 Eisenhower Avenue in Carlyle Corner, is planning to open August 1.  They offer kids birthday parties and group events.

Building Momentum has opened in the west, at 5380 Eisenhower Avenue in the warehouse property formerly owned by Jimmy Eudy, and then by Jeff Yates.  They are a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) that provides science and engineering consulting and technology development and training to defense, education, corporate, and entrepreneurial organizations. They have leased 20,000 square feet of warehouse space and are looking to get involved with the community.  They host a co-working space known as “the garden” that can be used for design, fabrication, art, podcasting, music and makerspace.

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